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In Fractured, Tartaros is the hostile world of the demonic races. The society here, if it can be called a society, is brutal and violent. Gameplay on this world is largely competitive.

Tartaros is the smallest of all the planets of the Elysium Ring. Notwithstanding its size, its walkable surface is similar in area to the one of Arboreus and Syndesia, since it is mostly covered by land. It’s a hot, arid world, plagued by a constant volcanic activity and scarce in edible resources.

Tartaros, the Demon planet, is the land for hardcore MMO players who want to enjoy competition at its finest. PvP is strictly Free-For-All, aside from the Nests where new Demons are born, and no punishment or limitation is imposed on Evil characters and criminals like Thieves and Murderers.

Tartaros is a barren planet, so you should expect various kinds of deserts mostly (rocky, sand, semi-arid, coastal, cold), plus some regions a little better off due to rivers and oasis. It's inhabited by the animals you can find in such locations on Earth, plus several families of dangerous, demonic creatures, and other horrors.


Travelling to Tartaros is extremely challenging for any Wildfolk, since not only they lose the buffs they are granted on Arboreus, but also become the target of the hate of Babilis. The Evil God enjoys stacking curses on the poor fellows, who could end up dying just because of them – if they don’t get slayed by Demons, that is.

Unlike Wildfolk, Humans are generally tolerated by Babilis, who sees a potential for corruption in them. They aren’t directly penalized like Wildfolk, but slowly lose Karma over time, unless they enjoy the protection of another God. Tyros, for instance, grants total immunity from the influence of Babilis – but of course, that comes at a price too. While the dark God is not able to reach their souls, it is more than willing to let its children do the dirty job! That is why, one hour after stepping on the planet, the presence of any protegee of Tyros is made known to all Demons in the area!


After the Fracture, Tartaros became the prison of the dread Babilis, left to be the only god watching over the planet and its demonic progeny.


Stone is common on Tartaros – sandstone, granite and obsidian in particular – and frequently used by demons to erect the buildings of their unholy cities. Metals besides iron are rare, but weapons made of the latter have already taken the life of thousands of creatures, in Tartaros and outside.

Due to the lack of water, agriculture is practically unfeasible on Tartaros, which forces demons to get most of their food by hunting the fearsome creatures that inhabit the planet. Whether demons would be interested in agriculture is doubtful anyway, considering patience is not exactly a virtue of theirs – if they have any virtue, that is.

Resource gathering goes through PvE on Tartaros much more than in the other planets. And PvE can get really hard there, given the horrors that inhabit the planet.


Demons usually wear clothes made of leather crafted from the skin of their preys, since wild plants are also rare to come by – and when they can be found, they’re only suitable to be harvested for wood or hard fibers to make strings and ropes.



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