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Wildfolk are the native inhabitants of the wild and lush planet Arboreus – what’s left of Elysium, once home to all the races of Fractured. While closely resembling an actual animal right after birth, the shape of the body of a wildfolk changes dramatically during puberty, eventually assuming the same two-legged posture of a human.

The wildfolk society is a tribal one, based on equality and respect for the elders. Although split into tribes and clans, each headed by a different High Druid, wildfolk always see the members of their race as brothers or cousins, assuming a peaceful attitude towards them. Some of the favorite locations for a wildfolk clan to build its village are riverbanks and power nodes, where they can find the highest concentration of primal energy and their connection with nature is deeper.

Speaking of this, the relationship between wildfolk and nature is really something that goes beyond the understanding of other races – and sometimes beyond that of wildfolk themselves. It’s a peculiar one, as it doesn’t mean they’re not allowed to harvest resources from the earth. They can – and they do – but always careful not to harm the environment they live in. In exchange for this respect, they have been gifted the ability to draw power straight from the soil of Arboreus, making them even more formidable fighters when they walk through their homeland.

Connection with nature isn’t the only ace up a wildfolk’s sleeve though – a hypothetical sleeve, given their love for light armor and clothes. In the first place, their affinity with druidic magic is unrivaled. Moreover, they can morph at will into their animal counterpart – a choice that comes with consequences, the main one usually being their enemies getting eaten soon after.

Primal Form

Wildfolk can ride mounts only when in their basic form, and it's also true they can runway faster when in primal (=animal) form. Different primal forms have different base speed modifiers. A bear-kin for example are better at staying in its basic form and riding a mount to travel quickly. Primal forms give an incredibly unique edge to wildfolk, but they're limited in many ways - one I can mention already as an example is that they can't harvest resources or craft. Wildfolk players will shape-shift quite often and will make use of mounts just a little less than the other races. Primal forms are for fighting.

For primal form you get button outside your standard 8 Abilities which allows you to transform without consuming one slot for it.



Legend: Decrease soft cap, Increase soft cap, Increase soft cap with affinity