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The Tutorial Island has its own rules that are intended to explain and facilitate your entry into the world.

Enemy Behaviour

Unlike most creatures in Terra and Aerhen, the creatures on Tutorial Island are all passive and will not attack unless actively provoked.

The exception is the rabbits, they behave as usual and try to flee when the player approaches them.


Resources respawn after one minute and the lumbering feature is disabled on the island.


In contrast to the other continents, the Tutorial Island has no locations marked.
However, the region can be roughly divided as follows:

  • Southeast: the player spawn point.
  • South Center: the area where you can find wolves.
  • Middle area: the location of the city and the portal.
  • Northern area: the area of bandits and bandit camps.


The Tutorial Island is the only area that contains visible quests designed to teach you and ease your way into the game. By pressing the X icon above the quest description, you can leave Tutorial Island early, but you forego the rewards and bonuses.


No matter did you finish the quest or head earlier to the new continent, you will get items in your inventory after leaving the island. By leaving the island, you will receive the following items in your inventory on the new continent:

  • Icon LinenBandages.png 100 Linen Bandages
  • Icon Roasted Wolf Meat.png 5 Roasted Wolf Meat
  • Icon StoneHammer.png Primitive Hammer
  • Icon StoneKnife.png Primitive Dagger

Respawn and takedown

If your life is completely drained from you in the tutorial due to takedown, hunger or satiety (represented by a pink bar), you will fall into a death-like state. You cannot select a port point to respawn and instead wake up after 5 minutes with full life, mana, hunger and satiety.

However, consider taking the resources from your corpse again.

Tips and Tricks

  • Use the time in the tutorial to familiarize yourself with the game and crafting.
  • This can also be testing other weapons, distributing Knowledge Points or practicing collecting and fighting.
  • Complete the bestiary entries for the enemies on the island and collect all Knowledge Points from them, because these enemies count as a separate category and their entries disappear after leaving the island.
  • Craft the best possible equipement and equip it.
  • Complete the bestiary entries for the enemies on the island to get additional starting abilities for the beginning.

Items and Knowledge Points

A short list of items and monsters you can find on the island, how many Knowledge Points they give and how many you need to defeat to maximize them. (In the case of narrow stones and plants, you only have to collect them once) and what these points are enough for.
List of Knowledge Points:

Target Knowledge Points each How many to max Knowledge Points max
Start Knowledge Points 5500 1 5500
Small Stone 250 1 250
Flax 250 1 250
Larch 250 1 250
Pine 250 1 250
Red Maple 250 1 250
Penny Bun 250 1 250
Blueberry Bush 250 1 250
Raspberry Bush 250 1 250
Potato Plant 250 1 250
Tutorial Wolf 30 20 600
Bandit Archer 30 20 600
Bandit Brawler 30 20 600
Bandit Sorcerer 30 20 600
Bandit Swordsman 30 20 600
Rabbit 30 20 600

It is possible to have a maximum of 11350 Knowledge Points in the tutorial.