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Erwydra are a deer-like family of the Wildfolk race in Fractured and native to Arboreus.

Also known as Hart-Kin, Erwydra are smart, agile and perceptive creatures, but physically weaker than the members of other wildfolk families.

They are at their home between 5°C and 30°C. Outside those temperatures, they will have to keep themselves warm or cool with the help of some garments.

Thanks to their superior intelligence, the Erwydra are naturally inclined toward magical practices. The weakness of their bodies is compensated by the ease with which they can escape from dangerous situations, both by physical and by magical means.

When transformed into their primal form, the hart, the Erwydra gain access to bonuses that enchance their affinity with magic, and their evasive capabilities.

Primal Form

Deer Primal Form Transformation.gif

Upon transformation, the otherwise peaceful Erwydra transform into crude creatures of magic capable of wreaking havoc with their arcane abilities.

They receive the following stats and bonuses:

Erwydras use their claws while transormed, which boast the following stats:

  • Damage: 4.8x STR/DEX
  • Damage Type: Slash/Pierce/Crush
  • Speed: Medium
  • Range: 2m in a 90° cone
  • Special: 20% Bashing
  • Weight Class: Light/Medium

Erwydras resistances are also set during the transformation to:

Armor (Slash) 200 (28%) Elemental (Fire) 260 (34%) Poison 260 (34%)
Armor (Pierce) 200 (28%) Elemental (Ice) 440 (46%) Energy 1100 (68%)
Armor (Crush) 320 (39%) Elemental (Shock) 260(34%) Acid 260 (34%)