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Claiming housing plot.png

General Housing Information

  • You can have only have one plot per account. Personal land plots are predefined on the map and are located in the residential areas. All plots taken in residential areas have the same 4x4 size. Plots are already flat, you don't have to level them. You cannot destroy somebody's house and cultivation can't be pillaged by strangers. While inside your plot of land you cannot be attacked.
  • Erecting a building in Fractured requires multiple steps. First, you must lay the foundations of the house, then you can construct the walls and floors to finally have access to the roof. Each step requires carrying heavy resources by hand or by cart, so having friends will speed up the process. You can help somebody build a house. You can place your house anywhere you want on your plot. Houses are either 2x2 or 3x3 size, building one of the other will depend on your personal preferences and on how many facilities you want to build outside and how many inside. Different types of personal houses aren't tied to specific plot sizes. Only you and the people you give permission to, have access to your house. This doesn't require a key or anything like that.

Claiming a plot of land

  • To claim a plot, you have to find an unclaimed one. Unclaimed plots have a rope around them and are marked on the minimap as a gray square without any symbol inside. Once you step inside the ropes a house icon will appear in the lower-right corner of the screen, allowing you to purchase that plot. The following image shows an unclaimed plot and the icon.

Plots outside city borders

  • Plots claimed outside a city will cost you 2000 gold and will require 2000 gold per week to be maintained. If the house bills aren't paid on time, the house gets removed and everything on the land gets lost.
  • The benefits of owning a plot outside a city include: city owners cannot remove your plot and you have no risk during city sieges. Your plot outside the city cannot be stolen or attacked.

Plots inside city borders

  • Alternatively, you can get yourself a plot inside a city, but this will require you to be a citizen of that city, and this means getting your application accepted by the governor. The price of the plot is set by the governor. Plot sizes can be 2x2, 3x3, 4x4, or 5x5 - they are created by the governor.
  • Citizen plots work a little differently since they can be of different sizes. The cost will be set by the governor and there will be no gold maintenance. The house built on it will contribute to the prestige of the city, which is required to increase the city rank.
  • Be warned though that a plot in a city comes with danger. Should the city ever be conquered you will lose the plot and everything in it! If you want to be safe, take a residential plot outside the city as explained above.

House Styles

List of Houses