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  1. Time Cycles
  2. Syndesia
  3. Arboreus
  4. Tartaros

The Elysium System

After the Fracture, the One Planet, Elysium, was split into three worlds: Arboreus, Syndesia and Tartaros. Put into motion by the same magic that created them, they started revolving around the sun, giving birth to the proper solar system known as the Elysium System.

As one might expect, the amount of magical energy required to perform the Fracture was beyond imagination and impossible to harness faultlessly, not even by sorcerers endowed with quasi-divine powers. As Elysium was torn apart, countless fragments of its own mass were scattered around the universe – some as small as a little hill, others as large as a whole region of the planets to be. Over time, pulled by the gravity of the sun, they started aggregating in the space between the orbit of Arboreus and that of Syndesia and Tartaros – and so the Elysium Ring was formed.

Time Cycles

When it comes to the time cycles of the three planets, their behavior is quite similar – 1 day (a full rotation of the planet around its axis) lasts roughly as long on Arboreus as it does on Syndesia and Tartaros, and so does 1 year (a full rotation of the planet around the sun). Below you can find a table showing the duration of different time cycles in Fractured Online compared to real world times.

2 hours 1 day
2 days 1 month
1 week 1 season
1 month 1 year

Day/night cycles behave realistically on each world, with half of the surface of a planet being in day time and the other in night time, sunrise and sunset moving smoothly along the surface. Seasons act in a similar way, being opposite in the two hemispheres, but less noticeable at the equator, where temperatures are more or less constant.


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Syndesia mood painting.jpg
Syndesia, the cradle of human civilization, is a medium sized planet, boasting the largest environmental variety of the whole Elysium Ring. While the lack of Elysium’s primal energy makes its vegetation not as lush as that of Arboreus, it is still a fertile and resource-rich world, providing favorable conditions for the development of the human race and its ambitions.


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Arboreus mood painting.jpg
Arboreus is the world of the wildfolk races. The society here is peaceful and in tune with nature. Gameplay on this world is cooperative. Arboreus is the largest planet of the Elysium Ring, with a surface twice as wide as that of Syndesia – although the area of continents above sea level is roughly equivalent to that of the other planets.


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Tartaros mood painting.jpg
Tartaros is the hostile world of the demonic races. The society here, if it can be called a society, is brutal and violent. Gameplay on this world is largely competitive. Tartaros is the smallest of all the planets of the Elysium Ring. It’s a hot, arid world, plagued by a constant volcanic activity and scarce in edible resources.