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Iridra are a human race and part of the Wildfolk race in Fractured and native to Arboreus. They are also called "Blessed Human".

"After the fracture, not all humans were created equal. While the large majority chose a life of free will, the Iridia preferred to live in harmony with nature – just as the Wildfolk did. Nelena of Arboreus took notice of this group, welcomed them to the Wildfolk race, and blessed them with new gifts to better help them channel primal energy. These blessings also changed the nature and basic instincts of the Iridra to behave as any other Wildfolk would, specifically ensuring they always have a good alignment to save them from the temptation of evil influences. And in this world filled with demons, there’s certainly enough evil to go around."

Primal Form

Iridra Primal Form Transformation.gif

By activating the primal form, the Iridra enjoy +200 mana regeneration and +200 health regeneration per second. This buff cannot be countered, even by the unhealable status effect.

A VFX is displayed on the character to indicate that it’s making use of this power.

Unlike their wild relatives of the wildfolk race, the Iridra are the only ones unaffected by the negative problems of the Primal Form.