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Banished to the hostile and resource-deprived planet created for them after the Fracture, Tartaros, demons are by nature a bloodthirsty race with a naturally evil alignment. The structure of their bodies may resemble that of humans, but they’re usually taller, physically stronger, and fitted with a huge pair of horns coming in a million different shapes – although, it must be said, their appearance may change a lot depending on their family.

The demon society arisen over the years on Tartaros is a brutal and lawless one, in which criminal actions and murders are committed aplenty daily basis. Besides the unconditional love for their twisted and dark god, and the lust for strength and power, demons hold no values close to their hearts – assuming they have one, that is.

Forced to grow up in a culture of hatred and violence, the only way to earn the respect of their own kind demons know is fighting – an evergreen activity they all get involved in soon after birth. As a result, demons are not only the terror of all the other races, but also of each other, with clans being always at war, busy slaughtering each other’s warriors and pillaging each other’s cities. Yes, cities, as the belligerent nature of demons doesn’t stop them from building lavish settlements filled with monumental buildings and shrines erected to show off the clan’s wealth and power.

Since the Fracture, demons have developed an ever-growing contempt towards wildfolk and humans alike, and so did their god. Maddened by revenge, Babilis gave its progeny the ability to travel to other planets way more easily than humans and wildfolk can do, allowing them to spread death and chaos to Syndesia and Arboreus. These travels of horrors can’t be permanent, however, as the demon body gets debilitated over time, eventually forcing them to return home.



Legend: Decrease soft cap, Increase soft cap, Increase soft cap with affinity