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In Fractured, your choice of race determines:

  • The planet you start on: Wildfolk on Arboreus, Demons on Tartaros, and Humans on Syndesia, each having radically different environments and resources.
  • What type of abilities are easily available to you.
  • How villages and towns will look like.
  • The society your character lives in, which dictates how you can interact with other players such as performing hostile actions like stealing and murdering. Also, what, if any, are the consequences of those actions.
  • The gods you can pray to and how they intervene in mortal matters.
  • How easy it is to travel to other planets and how well you are received by other races.


Read more about Humans

Humans in Fractured are a race native to Syndesia with a feudal culture. Stained by the sin of the Great Betrayal and the ultimate culprits of the chain of events that led to the Fracture, humans are the inhabitant of Syndesia, a poor copy of the glory of Elysium, rich with resources but deprived of all primal energy.


Read more about Lich

Lich are humans who have shed their carnal shells in search of power and knowledge with the help of rare resources, powerful artifacts, and forbidden magic.


Read more about Wildfolk

Wildfolk are the native inhabitants of the wild and lush planet Arboreus – what’s left of Elysium, once home to all the races of Fractured. While closely resembling an actual animal right after birth, the shape of the body of a wildfolk changes dramatically during puberty, eventually assuming the same two-legged posture of a human.


Read more about Abomination

Abomination are cruel creatures, wildfolk who were corrupted and consumed by evil and thereby expelled from Arboreus and banished to Tartaros.


Read more about Demons

Banished to the hostile and resource-deprived planet created for them after the Fracture, Tartaros, demons are by nature a bloodthirsty race with a naturally evil alignment. The structure of their bodies may resemble that of humans, but they’re usually taller, physically stronger, and fitted with a huge pair of horns coming in a million different shapes – although, it has to be said, their appearance may change a lot depending on their family.


Read more about Angel

Angel are the ascended demons who, due to their kindness, were able to escape the desolate wasteland of Tartaros and found their new home on Syndesia.