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You can use teleportation magic, stargates or temporary stargates made by yourself to travel. In general, most of the ways to travel (including stargates) are one direction only. You can't open portals to specific spots. There's no magic button to get back to your home. If you create a temporary stargate/teleportation magic to an other planet, you can travel to any region you have already discovered. You can't travel to a specific point, it will be a random location.


Gateways are magical doors located in a few key locations of each planet. When you enter one, you’ll be able to instantly teleport to any other Gateway located on the same planet that you have already discovered by physically travelling to it. Here’s the catch, though: you’ll be subject to various limitations when using one, including the inability to carry resources. They’re a good option to group faster with distant friends, but not suitable for merchants!


In Fractured, you have the chance to learn a few spells that allow you to teleport yourself to other locations on the same planet, subject to limitations similar to those of Gateways, including what items you can carry and the need to discover the destination first. When casting one, you’ll be drained of your energy and severely fatigued for a while after teleporting. Moreover, while more flexible than Gateways, earning access to certain destinations through teleportation magic won’t be an easy task.


Stargates require a great deal of group effort to be summoned and don’t last for long. After crossing one, the time you’re allowed to stay on the new planet is limited and varies according to your race, your alignment and your destination. Demons are a notable exception to this rule, having been gifted by Babilis the ability to travel to other worlds more easily to bring terror to the other much hated races. However, the penalties they’ll be subject to are no smaller than those suffered by the other races... and sometimes, actually worse. Other people can't use your stargates. Only you and your group. You can open a stargate anytime you want. No limits. This also goes for Demons who want to invade other planets.

There are several specific locations in the world where you can open a stargate to travel to an asteroid.

Some stargates are permanent and in fixed locations. The fixed stargates are 2-way stargates. They go from A to B and back between different planets.

Stargates are not portals where you can enter at any time and go back at any time. You have to find the right resources to activate a stargate. After that, you'll have to perform a ritual. In some cases, this is tied to one of the gods.